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How do I choose a collision repair center?

Look for Experience
How long has the repair shop been in the business? This is a good indicator of the stability and reliability of the repair center. But, length of time in business sometimes does not reflect how aggressive they are in keeping up with the latest repair methods and equipment. So you should look beyond experience alon.

Look for modern equipment
Most cars built in the last eight to ten years have no frame. To repair them properly (remember, pre-collision condition), a collision repair facility must have a unibody measuring device and a pulling system to ease the metal back into its original shape. For new, high-strength steels, the shop must also have a metal inert, gas weder (MIG) an someone trained to use it.

Look for high tech painting systems

Vehicles built after 1979 will likely be painted with a Hi-Tech two-stage or three-stage paint system or with a base coat, clear coat paint system. Either one is expensive and requires skilled technicians and excellent equipment to refinish collision damage and achieve factory texture, gloss and durability. Lacquer paints are being phased out, replaced by urethane and/or high-solids enamels which require a dust-free paint spray booth for proper (pre-collision condition) application.
Where do I look for proper repairs?
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